What’s that smell? How often should you really wash your hair?

One of the most Googled beauty questions; how often should you wash your hair?

While this question comes up all the time, there is no hard fast rule. How many times actually all comes down to hair type. 

Thick and curvy hair has shown to strive with a few days between washing while thin, straight hair could have different results.

Processed hair is also a factor to consider. Damage done to the hair will prevent oils from travelling down the hair shaft like normal hair strands.

What it all boils down to is that curvy hair shouldn’t wash to often and thin straight hair should be every other day.

Be careful not to wash everyday though! To much of a good thing can happen here. Natural oils and sebum the hair needs to stay healthy will be washed away leaving the scalp dry and start your balding process.

Ensure that after every couple day of washing you’re using Pure Hair Tonic and you’ll be set for success!

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