Over time your liver weakens also causing it to operate at an increasingly lower level of efficiency. This process is known in root cause analysis theory as a ‘vicious cycle’. In other words, it gets worse and worse unless you properly treat the problem at the root of its cause.

There are two good answers to this problem:

  1. Improve efficiency of liver, colon and kidneys so they are better able to process and eliminate used hormones, fats and toxins.
  2. Reduce inputs: normalize hormonal balance to healthy levels, similar to a nonhair loss sufferer and reduce intake of bad fats and toxins.

Completing a cleanse and detox

Will give a greater capacity to eliminate used hormones rather than re-circulating in the bloodstream by eliminating them through skin. There are tons of cleanses but be careful and select one that will not deprive your body from the nutrients it needs.

Here is a link to Dr. Oz’s 48-Hour Weekend Cleanse which will help you detox and cleanse your liver, colon and kidneys revitalizing you from the inside out! Below is an image of the items required to complete the cleanse:

Liver Cleanse And Detox

Cleanse Shopping List

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