DHT is created when enzyme 5-alfa-reductase breaks down testosterone. In this step we are going use several methods to inhibit 5-alfa-reductase in order to reduce DHT levels to a level that will not cause hair loss.

Please note: You should consult your physician before beginning any supplementation program

Saw Palmetto Extract

Studies conducted in the U.S. found that concentrated dietary supplementation of saw palmetto can prevent ‘benign prostatic hyperplasia’. Benign prostatic hyperplasia is the enlargement of the prostate gland, which produces semen in men. Enlargement of the prostate gland is very common in men and is caused by DHT. In treating with saw palmetto it was found that it can also stop hair loss as it inhibits the conversion of testosterone into DHT.

Clinical studies used a daily dosage of 320mg of saw palmetto. An increased dosage of 480mg found no improvement over the 320mg dose in the prostate size.

Saw Plametto Extract

Saw Plametto Extract

Anti-DHT Tea

In addition to saw palmetto you should drink a simple ‘anti-DHT’ tea consisting of Nettle and Green Tea. Nettle leaf can reduce the formation of DHT while preventing its accumulation and binding in the hair follicles. Green tea has also been shown to block DHT and contains antioxidants that are also beneficial for the hair. If you’re not taking a supplement that contains pygeum it’s worth adding some pygeum to your anti-DHT tea, to increase it’s effectiveness.

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