Having strong blood circulation is great for your health which in fact helps with hormonal balance; it helps keep your skin and hair healthy; and it helps your body perform tasks efficiently. This is why it is so important to strengthen blood circulation.

What you’re about to learn is an ultimate guide to everything you need to know to get your body’s blood circulation into peak condition. Follow these guidelines to help boost your blood circulation, further helping feed your hair and with your alopecia overall.

1. Regular Intense Exercise

What’s important when you exercise is that you do it until you sweat and the blood flows to your skin. You have to sustain this state for at least twenty minutes, three times a week. Cardiovascular exercise has three major benefits:

    1. By sweating, your body eliminates toxins through the skin
    2. Cardiovascular exercise really gets your blood pumping to your body’s extremities
    3. Exercise uses up hormones naturally, which helps hormonal balance
    4. Strengthen blood circulation

You should aim to do any cardiovascular activity or sport that involves running, if your current physical condition allows it and do not over do it. Make sure you drink enough water to replace the fluid lost from sweating. Also have a shower and rinse your hair and scalp after exercise.

2. Hot and Cold Showers

This is an excellent technique to practice every day. When you have a shower, run the water on cold, then hot, then cold (and so on) alternatively approximately 3 – 6 times on each temperature, for approximately a minute on each.

To finish the shower, end on cold water in order to close up your skin’s pores. This will reduce the threat of air born bacterial invasions. You can start your shower on hot or cold. The hot and cold shower is very good for your circulation. When your skin is heated up by the hot water, your blood flushes to your skin. When your skin is cold, the blood flows back to your internal organs.

3. Herbal Circulation Boosters

It’s worth adding one or two herbal teas to your daily regime, as it’s cheap, easy and effective. You can also use your herbal tea drinking time to relax and unwind, which is something you should be trying to do every day when you get the chance. Here are a list of herbal teas and home items for boosting your circulation:

  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Gotu Kola
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Ginger
  • Garlic

4. Gravity and Yoga Positions

Yoga is a great way to increase blood flow and circulation. Try checking out this article “10 Yoga Poses to Improve Circulation” by clicking here.

It’s a good idea to make fifteen minutes a day where you can be on your own, with no distractions, no TV, no music and just concentrate on yourself. Breath deeply, calmly, practice the positions and take your time.

Yoga Pose

Yoga Pose

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